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We are a medical and consumer supply company based in Los Angeles.

Through our long-standing direct factory relationships in China, we are able to provide various types of PPE, including hospital gowns, plastic face shields, children’s masks, goggles, Sanitizer in addition to N95, KN95 and disposable surgical masks.

Our office in Shanghai provides factory oversight including quality assurance, product development, and packaging options.

Our product distribution channels include: hospitals, health and wellness clinics, nursing homes, fire and police / civil agencies, schools, and directly to the individual consumer via our website

We strive to provide a steady stream of inventory to those who need it at the time they need it most.

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We only supply high end fabricated PPE.

Superior Reliability

Our PPE is only choice quality, so you can rest assured you’re only getting the absolute best.

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All of our items are warehoused in Los Angeles, and shipped directly to you in an expedited manner

FDA Approved & Lab Tested

View our testing and licensing data for any of the items featured in our inventory

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We understand your needs change over time. We are ready to meet those ever changing requirements with our team of experts specializing in logistics.

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